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browserHistory uses the HTML5 History API when available, and falls back to full refreshes otherwise. browserHistory requires additional configuration on the server side to serve up URLs, but is the generally preferred solution for modern web pages.


hashHistory uses URL hashes, along with a query key to keep track of state. hashHistory requires no additional server configuration, but is generally less preferred than browserHistory.


createMemoryHistory creates an in-memory history object that does not interact with the browser URL. This is useful when you need to customize the history used for server-side rendering, as well as for automated testing.


useRouterHistory is a history enhancer that configures a given createHistory factory to work with React Router. This allows using custom histories in addition to the bundled singleton histories.

It also pre-enhances the history with the useQueries and useBasename enhancers from history


import createHashHistory from 'history/lib/createHashHistory'
const history = useRouterHistory(createHashHistory)({ queryKey: false })